Lesotho Highlands Water Project

Lesotho Highlands Water Project

Plantech offers a professional consulting engineering service in various disciplines to a multitude of clients.  Various electrical engineering consulting services have been undertaken, one of which has been the Lesotho Highlands Water Project which covered 100MVA, 132kV Lesotho Highlands Water Scheme Phase 1B supply line over 50km which included the Mazinod / Mohale 132kV supply line for Dam Construction and Phase 2 which included the supply of 100MVA, 132kV Lesotho Highlands Water Scheme Phase 2 supply line over 40km which included the Matsoku / Polihali 132kV supply line and various other system upgrades.

Phase 1A included construction of the 185m-high double curvature concrete arch Katse Dam in the central Maluti Mountains and the 72MW Muela hydropower station. The dam has a storage capacity of 1,950 million m³ and a spillway discharge of 6,252m³/s. Phase 1A also involved building a 45km transfer tunnel and a 37km delivery tunnel.

The project involved construction of the 145m concrete-faced rock-fill Mohale Dam on the Senqunyane River.  The dam has a storage capacity of 958 million m³ and a spillway discharge of 2,600m³/s.  Additionally, a 32km interconnecting transfer tunnel between the Katse and Mohale reservoirs was also built. Phase 1B included construction of the 19m-high Matsoku Weir and a 6.4km transfer tunnel. Mohale Dam was inaugurated in 2004.

Phase II of the project included construction of the 165m high Polihali Dam in the Mokhotlong district. It will be a concrete faced rock fill dam (CFRD) with a capacity to hold 2.2 billion m3 of water. A 38km water transfer tunnel running will be constructed to connect Polihali with Katse Reservoir. The second phase also includes a 1,000MW pump storage system.

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