Platz Am Meer Swakopmund Shopping Centre

Platz Am Meer Swakopmund Shopping Centre

Plantech offers a professional consulting engineering service in various disciplines to a multitude of clients, including start-up projects such as Fully-Verified and many more.  Various electrical and mechanical engineering consulting services for shopping centres have been undertaken by Plantech, one of which was the Platz Am Meer Swakopmund Shopping Centre.

These consulting services included: • Air-conditioning of all shops and major tenants • Full electrical installation of the development including a municipal substation, HT reticulation and LV distribution • 4 x 800kVA transformers • 4 x 450 kVA backup generator system • 500 kWp photovoltaic (PV) rooftop renewable energy installation.

Project value and value of electrical works:

Construction Value: N$ 600,000,000.00

Electrical Value: N$ 48,000,000.00

Mechanical Value: N$ 18,000,000.00