Plantech’s project managers manage
property, transport, electrical and water projects for private and public sector clients.
Project Management
Plantech offers project management expertise regarding understanding of the scope of the project and deliverables. Milestones are implemented to track project progress and accurate time estimations are adhered to.  Generally the scope of our expertise includes: definition of actual requirements; scheduling and programming of design activities; programming, control and corrective action during construction; quality assurance; handing over and acceptance procedures; cost control and reporting as well as training and operation.
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Project Management
Plantech’s project management engineers have experience directing large-scale municipal projects.  Our engineers have the ability to complete multiphase projects, from plan development to oversight of costs, schedules, quality, information, team management and contracts.  Project managers ensure that all projects meet or exceed design, quality, timeline and budget expectations.
For our commercial clients we focus on smart solutions working with architects and other consultants to understand and define the project.  A collaborative approach is a more efficient and timely way to deliver a final project that meets our clients’ objectives.
Our project managers plan electrical installations by determining specifications; selecting contractors; establishing installation schedules; planning shut-downs and installations; integrating requirements with architectural and mechanical designs; verifying code requirements; updating cost estimates.  Further to this completion of electrical projects by supervising installations and resolving design issues.
Other services offered are maintenance of electrical systems by establishing and enforcing preventive and on-going maintenance, and testing programs; scheduling repairs; coordinating shut-downs and installations.  Maintaining safe and healthy work environments by establishing, following, and enforcing standards and procedures; complying with codes and legal regulations.


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