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Integrated Building Systems

Plantech’s integrated building services team focuses on all electrical, mechanical and electronic system designs and solutions.

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Integrated Building Systems


Whether it is a corporate, commercial, institutional or residential development, we ensure that the latest available technologies are consulted for integrated building systems, these include the electrical, mechanical and electronic parts.  Focusing on energy efficiency, flexibility and maintainability ensures that clients investments deliver attractive returns over the long term.


Our Mechanical Department specialises in designing systems and services in buildings and industries for the optimisation in the use of energy. Sophisticated computer simulation programmes are used to evaluate energy saving methods and application of computer control systems are used in order to attain the energy saving targets.  Other mechanical services include Lifts and Escalator Installations; Fire-fighting Installations which cover automatic sprinkler; fire, pump and gas installations; hydrant and hose reels; Mechanical Handling Equipment such as coal handling; grain handling; ash removal; air-conditioning Installations which include centralised and packaged air conditioning systems for shopping centres; hospitals; office buildings; hotels; computer rooms; industrial applications; boardrooms and auditoriums; Ventilation and Evaporative Cooling Installations; Refrigeration Installations, Cold-storage and Freezer rooms which cover ammonia and ice storage systems; Extraction Installations which include dust, fume and kitchen extraction systems, fume cupboards; Hospital and Laboratory Services covering medical gases, vacuum, steam and boiler installations and specialised gases; Piping and Pump Stations which include domestic water and fire services as well as water purification and sewerage plants; Heating Installations covering hot water storage and heat pump systems.


Plantech’s Electronic Services cover Security Systems which include risk assessment, access control, intrusion detection, surveillance, alarms, response; Fire and Smoke Detection; Building Management Systems; Communication Systems; Process Control Systems; Load Control and Energy Management Systems; Telemetry and Telecontrol Systems; Radio and Data Communication Networks as well as Instrumentation and Automation Systems


Plantech offers green building expertise in support of Green Star certification.  Certified computer modelling is applied to determine the optimum building design together with the application of solar, photovoltaic, heat pump, ice storage, energy recovery and alternative energy technologies to meet energy consumption and cost targets.


Plantech’s in-house design and engineering consultant expertise for standard and specialised building services covers heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC); refrigeration; electrical distribution; lighting design; building management systems (BMS); fire detection; security and other installations.  Installations include offices, shopping centres, airports, laboratories, hospitals, universities and many more.  Energy efficiency and green building principles receive top priority in all projects.


Our many clients include large property owners, namely Old Mutual, Sanlam, Vukile, Heartland, SANRAL, City Power, government departments of Health, Education and Public Works.  Projects include retail shopping centres, hospitals, offices, townships, schools and industrial developments.


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